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Set-top boxes

Android set-top boxes

The Plus TV application can be installed on Android set-top boxes starting from Android OS version 3.2 using the Google Play Market: link.

Also, the application can be installed independently via USB, using the file manager on the set-top box, or through the adb utility. The installation APK file can be downloaded from the links:

  • Version with native player (recommended) — download.
  • Version with libVLC — download.
  • Version with native player in Launcher mode — download.
  • Version with libVLC in Launcher mode — download.
  • Version with libVLC-mediacodec — download.

Launcher mode means that the application will replace the standard shell of the Android set-top box, and will be loaded automatically when the set-top box is rebooted.

Linux set-top boxes

To run Plus TV on Linux set-top boxes such as MAG, TVIP, ELTEX, IMAQLIQ, WRT and other devices that work with the portal, you need to enter the portal address:

Dune HD

Dune set-top boxes from TV-101 and up are supported. Plugin for installation via USB Flash: download.